The Best Navigation Aid Amidst The Action

Designed for Small Boats

Between the waves, the gusts, and everything else on board, being in the action can be all-consuming. MAPTATTOO was designed to give you the easiest experience navigating – so you can focus on what truly matters. With its E-Ink Screen, readable in sunlight, usable with wet fingers, and with exceptional battery life, it is the navigation aid for your next adventure.

Readable in Direct Sunlight

Excels in a Wet environment

50-hour Battery life

Readable in Sunlight

Sunlight readability is critical when navigating outside. Our 6″ E-Ink screen is perfectly visible in any condition and at any angle, giving you an edge in your next race and allowing you to explore the waters with ease.

“Even when my phone was at full brightness with the glare I couldn’t see anything on the screen effectively rendering it useless, but I could easily see the screen of the MAPTATTOO”

Enzo Dougherty – Tester, seventy 48 Participant

Anti glare Marine GPS with E-ink screen on a small sailing boat in sunlight

Anti glare Marine GPS with E-ink screen on a small sailing boat in sunlight. Long battery life.

Exceptional Battery Life

MAPTATTOO lasts for 50 hours. We optimized the battery life to keep the power consumption extremely low so you can navigate with confidence, no matter how long the journey is.

“MAPTATTOO is already an indispensable tool onboard. During a one week raid, we used it every day, and only neeeded to charge it once. It still has 40% battery.”

– François Frisch, Trimaran MOD 24 skipper.

Use With Wet Fingers

Rugged and waterproof, MAPTATTOO touchscreen is designed to excel in wet environment and can be used with wet fingers. But when conditions get really tricky, you can always rely on the keypad.

“This is a very good product released by fellow R2AK and Watertribe sailors. It fulfills the needs of waterproof functional tablet, designed just for the purpose of navigation of a small boat in wet environment.”

– Vladimir Eremev, Everglades challenge and R2AK participant

Anti glare Marine GPS with E-ink screen on a kayak in sunlight. Usable with wet fingers.

Anti glare Marine GPS with large 6" inch E-ink screen. Designed for small sailing boats and kayaks. Long battery life.

Navigate With Confidence

Built by sailors, for sailors. We designed MAPTATTOO’s hardware and software from the ground-up, optimizing the form and function to be the best they could be.

  • Large 6″ E-Ink Screen
  • Easy to mount
  • Fast USB-C charging
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Free Firmware and software upgrades
  • 1-year warranty, free returns

Available Charts: USA, Canada & France

USA Pacific | USA Atlantic | USA Great Lakes | Canada Pacific | Canada Atlantic Canada Great Lakes | Canada Arctic | France

Coming soon: US Inland Lakes, Canada Inland Lakes, UK, Ireland

See The Difference

We fixed the flaws of most navigation solutions. Here’s a breakdown.









6″ Screen OK OK No OK
High Visibility Numbers OK No OK No
Touch Screen OK OK No OK
Works with wet fingers OK No OK OK
Visible in direct sunlight OK No OK OK
50-hour battery life OK No No No
Rugged construction OK No OK No
IP68 Waterproof OK OK No OK
Portable OK OK OK No

Our customers share insights

Racing Accross the Everglades

Grueling and extreme, this race is not for the faint of heart. Read Ryan Finn’s remarkable telling of the Everglade Challenge and his use of MAPTATTOO.

“Their navigation tablet, designed specifically for races such as the Everglades Challenge and Race to Alaska worked perfectly. The unit is waterproof, holds its charge for 50 hours and has a screen that is easily viewable in broad daylight. Maptattoo was 90% of my navigation during this event and the only thing powered on when I finished.”

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Everglades Sailing Race Challenge Participant Photo. Anti Glare Marine GPS User.