Marine GPS with Large 6″ E-Ink Screen

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We designed MAPTATTOO from the ground-up with one objective in mind: to offer the best experience when navigating on small boats, closer to the elements and with limited power.

  • 6” E-Ink Screen – perfectly readable in sunlight
  • 50-hour battery life
  • Easy to mount
  • Fast USB-C charging
  • IP68 Waterproof – easy to operate in wet environments
  • Firmware and software upgrades

1 Year Warranty. Free Returns.

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1 Year Warranty: 1 Year

Marine Boat GPS for small boats. Large 6" inch anti glare screen.

Large Screen, Perfect Readability

  • 6” E-Ink Screen
  • High viewing angle
  • 1024*768 pixel resolution, 212 PPI
  • 16-level of grays
  • Adaptive front light
  • Optically bonded 1.1mm Gorilla Glass
  • Anti-reflective coating


  • Speed over ground
  • Heading over ground
  • Distance, bearing to waypoint
  • Routing Capabilities
  • Chart plotting
  • Tides & Current for USA & Canada
  • Configurable Pages and Widgets
  • (Soon) many more functions to come, free software updates available
Marine Boat GPS on a small boat in sunlight. Anti glare screen perfectly visible in sunlight.

Marine Boat GPS optimized power long lasting battery life.

Optimized Power, Long Battery Life

  • 5000mAh Battery
  • 50-hour battery life (with constant refreshes)
  • Always-on display
  • Power-save mode available
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Battery can be replaced

Water Resistance

  • IP68 (30 minutes, 1.5m/5′)
  • Sealed USB-C Cable allows to plug and charge in wet environment
  • Keypad allows access to most functions when touchscreen becomes hard to use when very wet
Marine Boat GPS waterproof, operable in wet environments, use with wet fingers.

Tech Specs


  • 1GHz, Arm® Cortex®-A9 processor
  • 512 MB LPDDR3 RAM
  • Linux OS
  • Firmware and Software. Upgrades available for customers
  • 32GB NAND Storage (plenty for charts and logs storage)


  • 72-Channels
  • GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F BeiDou B1I, Galileo E1B/C1 SBAS L1
  • up to 18Hz
  • Ceramic GPS/GLONASS/Galileo embedded passive patch antenna
  • 3.23dBi gain


  • USB-C Connectivity
  • Connects to Mac OS, Windows, Linux
  • Upload and Download charts packages, log files, routes and waypoints
  • Upload and update firmware and software
  • Settings updated from your computer
Marine Boating GPS Charts: USA, Canada, France, Pacific, Atlantic, Great Lakes, Arctic

Available Charts: USA, Canada & France

USA Pacific | USA Atlantic | USA Great Lakes | Canada Pacific | Canada Atlantic Canada Great Lakes | Canada Arctic | France

Coming soon: US Inland Lakes, Canada Inland Lakes, UK, Ireland



16 reviews for Marine GPS with Large 6″ E-Ink Screen

  1. Trey Sunderland

    Love this tablet! Preparing for the Worrell 1000 and it is going to provide critical information on key legs where knowing where you are exactly is key to performing well on the leg!! The daylight readable display is awesome!!

  2. Dave Lapointe

    Doing a lot of kayaking around Vancouver Island this is exactly the kind of device I’ve wanted for awhile. Having a large enough display that can be seen clearly in any weather is great. Even more important is having tide and current information, because there are some serious currents that we have to time carefully. The detailed navigation popups are pretty helpful too. The low power draw and long battery life means we can go for several days without a concern.

    Some people have said that there are already navigation tools with all of this functionality, and that may be true, but no other navigation device is so well suited to kayaking. I’m really glad I found this device.

    I also place a lot of value in the responsiveness and care of any company that I buy a product from and pretty much accept that I’ll be disappointed. But this company is great… they reply immediately to any questions. And they were really quick to help resolve an issue I had when I first got the device. This kind of care has earned my loyalty.

  3. Christopher Jirka

    I had started looking at options to build something very similar for myself. After a little searching, I found the MAPTATTOO and it hit most of my needs. I’m currently limited to lake sailing, but I’m looking forward to taking it offshore into the Atlantic this summer.

  4. Christopher Barlow

    I love this product! I have a 22 foot bowrider with no chart plotter that I use within 10 miles of my home. While I tried to use my phone for charts I end up draining the battery wit the GPS. My Maptattoo does exactly want I want and helps me get home when I’m caught in the fog. I also have a 40 foot trawler with an old Raymarine chartplotter that I worry will die soon. While I’ve relied on it cruising the entire East Coast and through the Bahamas, I want a backup for when it dies. My Maptattoo is always on and ready whether I’m moving from the lower helm to the upper helm or double checking my anchor while I’m in my berth. Couldn’t be happier!

  5. Vladimir Eremeev

    I sailed this year Everglades challenge using Maptatoo.
    I would say that from navigation stand point of view this year was easiest because of the tablet. Large screen, readable day or night, sunlight or no light. Rigged and waterproof.

  6. Samantha Ritchie

    The best things so far about the Map Tattoo are:
    1. Easy to see chart screen, regardless of sunlight or glare
    2. Very responsive company–when I emailed them a question, they got right back to me.
    I hope to use this while rowng in the Seventy 48, and also sailing in the Salish 100. With the long battery life and weather resistance, it’s just what I need for small boat adventures.

  7. Erik

    Absolutely perfect for our trailer sailor on Lake Tahoe! Happy to be part of the product launch, and excited to see the progress/updates in the future. The battery life and full-sun visibility is INCREDIBLE!

  8. Jim Kochel

    We use our Maptattoo exclusively in our dinghy. It’s perfect for us. Incredibly long battery life,super easy to see in bright sun and stashes away in a pocket when we tie up at a dinghy dock. Bigger than my phone but smaller than an iPad it checks every box.

  9. Ben Tuval

    Tested on 3 day Everglades kayak trip. Works fine, easy and convenient large screen. Clear simple menus. No problem with wet hands and wet screen in sea water. Clearly visible in full sun light. Way more convenient than numerous iPhone apps. Battery was holding for 80 hours without charging. The tracks can be uploaded to Google maps.
    Customer service is very professional and responsive.
    It is expensive, but in my opinion, it justifies the price.

  10. Tetsu Noguchi

    From the videos I’ve seen, from handling the device, this seems like a great device for coastal trips in small boats, which is what it was intended for.

    But…since I’m 100% lake kayaking right now, even though it tracks well on the large lakes I go to, unfortunately, the tracking is all on a blank area because there are no lake maps. It works, it’s just not exactly ideal for my usage.

    Frankly, Maptattoo would be great if it also had more complete topo maps of hiking trails as well. Since this device is rugged, water proof, and has an easy to read screen in daylight, it would be ideal as a hiking tablet. Hiking in the winter, you wear gloves, so the physical buttons are great. The buttons are useful even during a heavy rain storm, and never worry about the device getting damaged. The long battery life is also really key.

    I own a very very old Garmin GPS V (from 2002), and still use it on backpacking trips occasionally, even though it doesn’t have anywhere near the battery life of the Maptattoo. The Maptattoo is basically a giant screen version of the GPS V, without the maps. I would truly love the full topo maps downloadable to the Maptattoo. Also related to potentially using this for hiking, I would love a GPS location display screen, with the ability to select different GPS formats to display (e.g. GPGGA, GPGLL, GPVTG, etc.)

  11. Blair Cowan

    The MAPTATTOO device is fantastic, and the customer support has been really on top of the troubleshooting Colorado altitude when I caused problems with uploading .gpx data and . I took the device to the Everglades Challenge in early March 2024, and it performed great. Wet hands, were no problem, easy to read in the bright sunlight, and the maps were plenty detailed for our needs. I wish we had more wind, it was incredibly flat calm and we didn’t finish, but the device saved all the tracking data into files so we could see exactly where we had been. Pretty great tool, and I cant wait to put it to use this coming year

  12. Ryan Finn

    I used the Maptattoo recently during the Everglades Challenge, a race from Tampa Bay to Key Largo through three complicated checkpoints. The unit was clamped to my tiller the entire 300 miles and proved to be totally waterproof, and able to hold its charge for 50 hours. My favorite feature was how visible the screen was easily viewable the screen was in broad daylight, at every angle. Maptattoo was 90% of my navigation during this event and the only thing still powered on when I actually finished in Key Largo. I’m a delivery skipper by trade, and plan to bring this with me on all deliveries as well, since it’s a perfect backup GPS and could be crucial after an electronics failure, especially with the long battery life and waterproof control pad.

  13. Tomas Fredricks

    I decided to try the Maptattoo after being frustrated with other small gps units including my phone and a Garmin handheld – it has lived up to its billing. I use the unit on small sailboats and it is perfect for the task. Easily readable by older eyes in the full Florida sun. The display is legible from three away across the cockpit. I’ve been impressed by the ease of operation. The sensitivity of the installed accelerometers is outstanding and is used to advantage while racing. I still have to master all the available features, but that is a me issue and does not reflect on the design. Customer service has been outstanding! The response when I reached out was in the same day with clear, friendly instructions -even though it was a user generated problem. I’ve been happy to show the unit to fellow sailors and recommend it highly

  14. Daniel

    Just tested on a four day trip in Maine, in a small open sail boat. I mounted it just after of the centercase, and as a backup have a case for my phone that would slot into the same mount, but never did — the maptattoo worked exactly as advertised.

  15. Dale Davenport

    I got it to replace an old Garmin, and take the laboring oar from AquaMap on my iPhone. Maptattoo does a few things very, very well – and the few things are all I need. Knowing speed, heading and where it’s six or more feet deep, and knowing those things at a glance in full sun, they’re the key things for me. The unit gives more information than that, but not a bunch of worthless stuff (e.g., how many satellites are up there).

    I bought it on the recommendation of Ben Fuller in Small Boat Nation (June 2024 issue).

  16. Adrianne Neff

    I rowed in the Blackburn Challenge (20 mile open water paddle race around Cape Ann, Massachusetts) last weekend. Patchy fog was predicted, but things changed and we ended up paddling in very thick fog for the second half of the course. I was so glad I had my Maptatoo navigation unit! Other boats were lost in the fog, but I just kept following the line of the track I had laid out. This is the first GPS unit I’ve had, so I had to learn about creating and uploading .GPX files, but the directions in the user guide were straight forward and I figured it out pretty easily.

    I also row on the Great Lakes and the Detroit River, and it has been really useful in different conditions. I can read it easily in bright sunlight, much better than I can my cell phone. I love that it’s totally waterproof and I don’t have to put it in a case. I use a standard ball mount and tablet holder and fix it to my seat track between my feet.

    The part that I don’t like, and that others have mentioned, is that it is only useful in places covered by nautical charts. So I can’t use it on my local small lakes and rivers, which is where I do most of my rowing. (Well, I could put in local routes, but they would just show up as lines in the middle of blank areas on the map.) It would great if there were even basic maps that you could download that showed the courses of rivers and the outlines of smaller lakes. Topo maps would be even better.

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Speed, Heading

  • View your Speed Over Ground in your unit of choice
  • View your Heading Over Ground (True or Magnetic)
  • Highly Visible Fonts, from any angle and under any condition


  • View your position on your chart
  • Zoom-in&out, Pan, Center
  • View feature information (Lights, Buoys, Dangers,…)
  • View Soundings
  • View low depth shaded areas and uncovering areas
  • Charts coverage available here

Tides & Current

  • View Estimated Depth at Tide Stations in USA & Canada
  • View Tide predictions
  • View Estimates Current Speed and Heading at Current Stations in USA & Canada
  • View Current Predictions

Search & Go

  • Use our virtual keyboard (and/or arrow keypads) to search for a location (any chart feature such as a town, a lighthouse or a beacon for example)
  • Click on it and navigate to your selected place

“Fast Forward”

  • Display a vector forward and indicate anticipated travel times
  • Automatically adjust the scale of the vector

Routes & Waypoints

  • Create Waypoints on-the-go
  • Waypoints get auto-labeled based on closes chart features
  • Create complete routes at home and load them on MAPTATTOO via USB
  • View Distance to next Waypoint, VMC (Velocity Made on Course), Bearing to Next Waypoint, Course Deviation

Trip Information

  • Distance Traveled
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Total remaining distance on route
  • Total Time
  • Time Moving
  • Time Idle
  • Estimated time to Next Waypoint
  • Estimated time to Route Completion

In the box

  • 1* 5ft USB-A / USB-C Cable (with waterproof connection to your device)
  • 1* 5ft USB-C / USB-C Cable (with waterproof connection to your device)
  • 1* Chart Package (you can choose at checkout)
  • 1* Protection Sleeve
  • 1 Year Warranty