Speed, Heading

  • View your Speed Over Ground in your unit of choice
  • View your Heading Over Ground (True or Magnetic)
  • Highly Visible Fonts, from any angle and under any condition


  • View your position on your chart
  • Zoom-in&out, Pan, Center
  • View feature information (Lights, Buoys, Dangers,…)
  • View Soundings
  • View low depth shaded areas and uncovering areas
  • Charts coverage available here

Tides & Current

  • View Estimated Depth at Tide Stations in USA & Canada
  • View Tide predictions
  • View Estimates Current Speed and Heading at Current Stations in USA & Canada
  • View Current Predictions

Search & Go

  • Use our virtual keyboard (and/or arrow keypads) to search for a location (any chart feature such as a town, a lighthouse or a beacon for example)
  • Click on it and navigate to your selected place

“Fast Forward”

  • Display a vector forward and indicate anticipated travel times
  • Automatically adjust the scale of the vector

Routes & Waypoints

  • Create Waypoints on-the-go
  • Waypoints get auto-labeled based on closes chart features
  • Create complete routes at home and load them on MAPTATTOO via USB
  • View Distance to next Waypoint, VMC (Velocity Made on Course), Bearing to Next Waypoint, Course Deviation

Trip Information

  • Distance Traveled
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Total remaining distance on route
  • Total Time
  • Time Moving
  • Time Idle
  • Estimated time to Next Waypoint
  • Estimated time to Route Completion