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The World’s First E-Ink GPS tablet designed for small boats

We designed MAPTATTOO after having raced to Alaska from Port Towsend, WA on a 20ft row and sail boat. We used Navionics on an iPhone back then and realized the flaws of using a smartphone on a small boat. Hard to read in direct sunlight, poor battery life and difficult to operate in a wet environment.

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Readable in Direct Sunlight

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Excels in a Wet environment

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50-hour Battery life

View charts in direct sunlight, use with wet fingers

Sunlight readability is a major concern when navigating outside. An E-Ink screen allows MAPTATTOO to be perfectly visible in any condition and at any angle.

MAPTATTOO is equipped with a touchscreen but when conditions get really tricky, you can always rely on the keypad. 

50-hour battery life
Fast USB-C charging
IP68 Waterproof
Firmware and software upgrades
USA and Canadian Charts

We designed MAPTATTOO’s hardware and software from the ground-up in order to optimize the usability and power consumption as much as possible.