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Our backers are excited about our launch!

Los Gatos, California – September 6th, 2023 – Many of you took the time to fill-in a survey and I would like to take some time to share with you a few insights.

First of all, we asked you what you were excited about:

Sunlight Readability

The first feature people are the most excited about is sunlight readability, and we agree! Using electronic devices outside can be quite a challenge, and getting the best readability in the brightest light has been driving the design of MAPTATTOO since the beginning.

50H Battery life

Following closely is the battery life of MAPTATTOO, and it makes sense; 73% of our backers plan to use MAPTATTOO on multi-days trip. Having a device able to work up to 50 hours on one charge is perfect for those long navigation sessions!


You also love the versatility and portability offered by MAPTATTOO, 75% of you are using more than one type of boat! Sailing, motor, multihull, kayak, inflatable, row boat… you are planning on bringing MAPTATTOO onboard no matter the type of ship!

Lastly, we asked what future developments you were hoping we integrate into our roadmap and you gave us great feedback! Some of the key priorities will be:

  1. Ability to create a route without a Laptop
  2. Ability to personalize the screens and widgets
  3. Support for inland waters
  4. Display AIS / NMEA data via USB Gateway

Having your feedback is super key for us, knowing what’s important for you allows us to focus our efforts on what matters most! We will continue to implement features to match your use as best as possible.