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Impact Resistance

Los Gatos, California – September 10th, 2023 – We get it, things happen on a boat.

We designed MAPTATTOO carefully to ensure that it can resist all sorts of shocks:
– We bonded our E-Ink screen to a 1.1mm Gorilla Glass panel (that is about 2X mor than typical phones and tablets)

– Our enclosure is made in polycarbonate (about 2mm thick) and is extremely resistant

– Most of the enclosure is overmolded with a thick layer of elastomer (1.5mm) to further improve shock resistance

– The screen is recessed so that it is protected from most shocks and scratches

We had a little bit of fun torturing this MAPTATTOO over the week-end:

MAPTATTOO is intact, after a dozen drops from 6ft