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Small Craft Advisor is talking about us

Los Gatos, California – September 18th, 2023 – Small Craft Advisor recently published an article about our project.

Here is what Jerry Culik (Engineer, Technical Writer and Boat Enthusiast) said about MAPTATTOO:

“The MAPTATTOO tablet chartplotter addresses a number of the items on my wish list. The 6-inch display is much bigger than anything I’ve got now, but it’s not too big to use on my smaller boats. It has a touchscreen that’s backed up by a keypad. It will run 50 hours on its internal battery and doesn’t require a power cord “leash.” It has a waterproof USB-C fast-charge port and comes with a cable to charge it from a small solar panel or power pack with a standard USB jack. A low-cost 5 watt solar panel with a USB charging jack is light and compact – less than half a square foot in area—and ought to be able to do the job. The MAPTATTOO power consumption is so frugal, only 400 mW (or an order of magnitude less than the Garmin 44dv), that I could probably leave my power station at home.”

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By the way, Small Craft Advisor is an awesome publication, I encourage you to subscribe to their Substack.